Green Roof System

What is a Green Roof?

A Green Roof or a living Roof is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation. This is done by using a light weight growing media which is placed over waterproofed membrane. Other elements such as draincells, water retetnion mats, irrigation systems etc may also be added.

Benefits of The Natura Green Roof System

1. Reduced Structural requirements hence lower steel and concrete consumption.
2. Reduced water consumption
3. Reduced dependancy on maintenance.
4. Thermal insulation provides for reduciton in energy consumption.
5. Increase in ceiling heights of podiums and buildings due to lower sunk requiremetns.
6. Added utility area for the end user.
7. Aesthetic utilisation of the roof tops an podiums
8. Better breathing environments and reduced tempratures of surrounding areas.
Natura Green Roof System

Natura Green Roof System

The Natura Green Roof System is a complete end to end systems that is comprised of 4 key elements:
1. HDPE Root Barrier sheet
2. NDC (Natura Drain Cell) or Equivalent
3. NRM (Natura Roof Mat)
4. Lawn or Ground Covers.

The NGR system can be placed directly on an existing slab as it weighs only 8 kgs/ sft in a fully wet form. Natura uses a light weight media that has the ability to retain large amounts of moisuture and nutrition. A sunken slab or a skirting of a maximum of 150 mm is what is required to contain the system. The entire system is based on cpaillary action and hence ensures that there will be no stagnation of water and thereby no seepage or dampness in any buildings.
Application on Podiums and Fire Engine Tracks

Application on Podiums and Fire Engine Tracks

The Natura Green Roof System can also be easily used for podiums. Here we provide three options for the drain cell depending on coverage and budgets. The system structure and compostion remains the same as the NGR system
Site Requirements

Site Requirements

The following are the conditions required at a site that is required to be installed with the NGR system
1. Water proofing of the slab.
2. 150 mm of sunken depth or skirting height to contain the system.
3. Water source for irrigation. Minimum of 2.5-4.5 kgs/ cm^2 is required to incorporate rotor sprinklers.
4. Suitable access for maintenance.

Comparative Study

Structural Load 80 kg /sft 5 – 8 kg /sft
Sunk required 300 mm (min) 80 -100 mm
Rowing Media Soil  Soil less Substrate
Drainage element  Plastic Natura Drain cell
Filter Membrane Plastic Natura Geo Mat
Slab Protection No Capillary Action Capillary Action
Storm Water Flooding Slow Release
Water Requirement 6 ltrs /sft 0.5 ltrs /sft