Green Walls

What is a Green Wall?

A green wall is a wall that is partially or completely covered with greenery that includes a growing medium as well. Green Walls are also known as Vertical Gardens or Living Walls.

Benefits of a Green Wall

A Green Wall has the following immediate benefits: 
1. Well suited to add greenery to areas that are restricted in ground space.
2. Creates better breathing environment by producing and releasing more oxygen.
3. Helps to cool down interior and surrounding spaces as it acts as an insualtor.
4. Help to replenish the greenery in urban space and re-create the previously existing ecology.
5. Absorbs pollutants and hence clenses the breathable air around.
6. Provides a beautiful aeshtetic element to liven up interior and exterior spaces.
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The Natura Green Wall System

The Natura Green Wall (NGW) system is an eco-friendly non plastic system that is primarily made by using Coir Fibre as the base material. Coir fibre is compressed into a board and the same baord is then fabricated into a module.

The use of the fibre helps the system insualte there by keeing spaces cooler and also provides for lower water consumption.
The NGW system uses a soilles media as its growing base which is steralised and prefertalised to give the plants the perfect environment for better root development. The media has the ability to retain up-to 6 times its weight in moisture thereby reducing water consumption and frequency. 
Plants that are grown on the NGW panel are carefully selected based on the site conditions. i.e. sunlight, water availability and humidity.
The Module:

The Module:

The Natura Green Wall system is made by using compressed Boards made out of coir fibre. These boards are then cut and fabricated into a module/ plant holder of the size 0.7 mtrs (L) x 0.5 mtrs (H) with a 0.03 mtr cavity in the middle to fill the growing media. The face of the module are mechanically drilled with with holes to allow for plants to be planted on the system. These holes are symetrically drilled to allow for organic patterns to be created using the choosen plants. Lastly the modules are open from the top to allow for the drip irrigation system to be attached.
The Media:

The Media:

The NGW is filled with Natura Super Absorbent Polymer Substrate (NSAP) a growing media which has immense water and nutrition retetnion capability. The NSAP is an extract of the coconut husk and is steralised and prenutritioned. NSAP has the ability to retain up-to 6 times its weight in moisture. This directly reduces the water consumption and watering frequency of the Natura Green Wall System and also more importantly enables the root sytem of a plant to set faster and develop better.


Plant selection is a very crucial element for making sure the green wall thrives at all times. Plant selection can be broken up into 4 categories:
1. Outdoor - Direct Sunlight
2. Semi Shade - Indirect Sunlight
3. Indoor - No Sunlight
4. A/c Controlled Environments

Natura has tried and tested over 150 varieties of plants and has developed a set list of varieties for the above 4 environments.

Once the plants are selected they are planted into the module and nurtured for a period of 45-90 days. During this period the root system of the plants set onto the module, watering is standardised and the plants in general are aclimatised to the clients environment. This techniques ensures lower maintenance and mortality rate.
Irrigation and Fertilisation

Irrigation and Fertilisation

The Natura Green Wall system is fitted with an automated/ Manual drip irrigation system. The irrigation system is supported with 16mm pipes and drippers/sprayers to provide for consistent water supply.
Site Requirement:
1. overhead/ pressure enabled water source is requried at the point of instalaltion. (Working Pressure 0.4 to 2.5)
2. Drain out point to collect and drain out excess water.
3. Access to the highest point of the green either through ladder or scaffolding.

Fertilisation is done by using water soluable fertilsiers and can be either introduced into the drip system or added to individual modules. This is requried to be done once in 3-6 months.


Installation of the NGW system can be done by either of the following two methods:
1. Direct Wall Installation: Here there is no additional frame work requirement. The requried 35 mm channels are directly drilled onto the wall with the use of a 6mm washer. The washer creates a gap between the wall and the channel thereby allowing for the hooks attached onto the module to be hung. Each Channel has a load bearing capacity of approximately 500 kgs/ cu ft.
2. Frame Installation: Where the green wall is free standing or there is no wall to install the system a basic MS frame will be fabricated and the NGW system will be installed on the frame.


Natura provides a complimentary maintenance period post instalaltion of the NGW system. After this period has lapsed clients are encouraged to take up either one of the two Green Wall maintenance packages detailed under the maintenance section.